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Official TRON Legacy Soundtrack Daft Punk Poster

For the release of the official TRON Legacy Soundtrack there will also be a special edition poster. Produced by none other than Daft Punk, which most of you should know by now, the two French musicians of course also appear on the poster to the album, which changes in the dark.

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Nicki Minaj X Eminem- Roman’s Revenge

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Burberry Burgers and Chanel Fries

In 2010, TCH will launch Access Agency.  It is a dedicated entity that will continue their work of creating highly original, transformational, yet eminently practical and results-oriented strategies for companies to stage the kinds of offline brand experiences that will increase the economic value of their offering.

Access specializes in helping brands and businesses see the world differently by creating customized experiences.

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The Joy- Kanye, Jay-Z, Pete Rock, Kid Cudi, Charlie Wilson, Curtis Mayfield

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New G-Shocks!!

Get ready for new G-Shock watches coming soon.. The line up includes some of the most popular styles like the 5600 and the 6900 models as well as an entirely new style, the G001-B.  From standard red colorways to shiny purple, the line-up also offers a nice variety, making sure everyone finds something in the mix. These watches have a November release date.

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Supreme Book Vol. 6

Clothing label Supreme has had the internet buzzing with their soon to be released Supreme Book Vol. 6. The cover is now revealed which features John Lydon, Cyprien Gaillard, Terry Richardson, John Baldessari, Larry Clark, Alasdair McLellan, Cost, Large Professor and Philip Little. Furthermore Supreme added some goodies to the new volume, this time around adding stickers and a military tote to the magazine. It will release in Japan October 30th. via: hs

check out an oldie but goodie of Supreme’s photo shoot with Rosa Acosta for your viewing pleasure…


All You Need is Love… NOT!

2,500 matchsticks glued to a piece of plywood… I think it would be cooler to watch it burn.