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Steve Jobs Says There Is No Way Android Will Beat iPhone

On Monday, during Apple’s fourth-quarter earnings conference call, CEO Steve Jobs spoke his mind about the rivalry between his company’s iPhone and Google’s Android mobile-phone platform. Careful not to mince words, Jobs flatly stated that he believes Apple’s mobile approach is what’s best for consumers. “When selling to users who want their devices to just work, we believe integrated will trump fragmented every time,” he said, before predicting Apple’s victory. “We are confident that it will triumph over Google’s fragmented approach, no matter how many times Google tries to characterize it as open.” And what about BlackBerry? According to Steve, he doesn’t “see them catching us in the foreseeable future.” If those aren’t fighting words, we don’t know what are. [NY Times]

with that being said, i found this video as i was surfing the web on my Blackberry 😉

Scream 4 Trailer

The horror series that reignited the genre and grossed more than $500 million worldwide is back! From Kevin Williamson, creator of the original Scream trilogy, the new film sees the return of cast members Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette along with a group of new stars, who can all hopefully stay alive long enough to figure out the new rules to this one-of-a-kind horror franchise!