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Pirelli Calendar 2011 “Mythology” by Karl Lagerfeld

****UPDATE*** Check out the Video HERE!!!!

“Lagerfeld photographed models in his Paris studio for the coveted calendar, with each one posing as a different deity from ancient Rome and Greece.

The calendar consists of 36 black-and-white images of 15 female models and 5 male models. Actress Julianne Moore is also photographed as Hera, the wife of Zeus.”

Click HERE for last year’s calender NSFW

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Ruby x TRON Helmet

Ruby x TRON Helmet

Seems like everybody is cashing in on the whole TRON craze so it’s only right that luxury Parisian motorcycle helmet maker Ruby get in on the action for this limited edition helmet. see also HERE

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LED Traffic Light… Niiice!!

Countdown counters are pretty common for pedestrians, letting them know how much time they have to cross. Drivers could use them too, and might even save a bit of time and energy if they were ready to roll when the light changed. Thanva Tivawong has designed this very clever interpretation of a traffic signal that could only work with LEDs.

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I Just Thought This was Fre$h…

Cosmic Wonder Light Source Shawl Collar Jumper by Mindtrive

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Nike SB Paul Rodriguez V-Rod Spring 2011 []

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Andre Johnson vs Cortland Finnegan Fight

you tell me who won

Motivational Thought…

Keep it clean… you’ll feel so much better when you wash your sins away.