Dupli Casa by J. Mayer H.

274227186_jmayerh-duplicasa-06 274227186_jmayerh-duplicasa-06

This three-story home, created by J. Mayer H design studio, is located in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Definitely eye-catching, the 12,800 square-foot home, named Dupli Casa was completed back in 2008 featuring a mostly black and white color scheme. The Dupli Casa sits on an immaculate green lawn with an equally impressive pool…. nice!

Check out the Dupli Casa pics after the jump.

1004627923_jmayerh-duplicasa-01 1004627923_jmayerh-duplicasa-01 747161441_jmayerh-duplicasa-02 747161441_jmayerh-duplicasa-02 535150212_jmayerh-duplicasa-03 535150212_jmayerh-duplicasa-03 1802413265_jmayerh-duplicasa-08 1802413265_jmayerh-duplicasa-08 1103315374_jmayerh-duplicasa-09 1103315374_jmayerh-duplicasa-09 1602307673_jmayerh-duplicasa-11 1602307673_jmayerh-duplicasa-11 1195289085_jmayerh-duplicasa-12 1195289085_jmayerh-duplicasa-12 278674913_jmayerh-duplicasa-16 278674913_jmayerh-duplicasa-16 1266173726_jmayerh-duplicasa-18 1266173726_jmayerh-duplicasa-18 1600768328_jmayerh-duplicasa-24 1600768328_jmayerh-duplicasa-24

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