Whatshisname ‘Good Boy’ and ‘Good Puppy’ Lamps

dog lamp Whatshisname Good Boy and Good Puppy Lamps

London-based artist Whatshisname presents this interesting concept that we’re sure would be a great conversation piece. The artist has two sculpted canine lamps, the ‘Good Puppy’ table lamp and the larger ‘Good Boy’ lamp. One interesting feature is the position of the dogs which appear to be doing their business, be sure not to step in the accompanying turd accessory.

Complete with an all matte black finish, these life sized lamps were designed as an item of everyday use that makes the user uncomfortable every time — the on/off switch is shaped like a turd that needs to be stepped on.

These lamps are up for sale and are limited to 100 and 200 pieces world wide, the ‘Good Boy’ and ‘Good Puppy’ respectively, available from Whatshisname.

More pics after the jump.

via: hs

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