Givenchy Spring/Summer 2013 Collection


Yesterday the new Givenchy Spring/Summer 2013 Collection was presented on the runway in Paris. Riccardo Tisci presented a collection inspired by both sex and religion, white and black.

Religion and sex have always gone hand in hand, the basest instincts transmogrified into spirituality—even martyrdom—by ardent denial. As a good Catholic boy from Southern Italy, Riccardo Tisci has a finely tuned sense of the power and allure of both saintliness and sin, but he’s never managed to integrate them quite as successfully as he did tonight. The setup—air thick with incense and a sonorously churchy organ to get us in an appropriately reverent mood while we sat…and sat…and sat—had the slight saveur of cheese on communion wafer, but when dozens of models poured in rapid-fire succession through a lily-bedecked archway, the sheer animal drive of Tisci’s vision crushed cynicism like a bug.

Check out the new Givenchy line after the jump.









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