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Billionaire Boys Club “BBC Black” Capsule Collection


Mark McNairy and Pharrell Williams join forces in the name of Billionaire Boys Club to present the new BBC Black Capsule Collection. In this collection you will find military technical fabrics combined into the BBC aesthetic of classic streetwear. Such pieces include varsity jackets, baseball jerseys, T-shirts, shirts, caps and more. McNairy takes over the designing process as you can tell by the military pieces which also has Pharrell’s love of camo in the line as well. Next to their collaborative Billionaire Boys Club Bee Line collection, this collection will make a nice complimentary piece.

Look out for the new BBC Black collection this fall.

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DeLorean iPhone 5 Case

A DeLorean Inspired iPhone 5 Case

Les Forges MDK presents their cell phone case for the iPhone 5 which draws inspiration from the legendary DeLorean. This design concept pays homage to the DeLorean DMC-12 which is known for being Marty McFly’s time machine in the Back to the Future films, and even features the vehicle’s logo over a texture resembling the DMC-12′s grill. Only a design concept at the moment so no word on if you can buy this just yet, but we would if we could.