МИШКА (Mishka) Women’s Summer 2013 Lookbook

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From donning a button up post coitus in a bit of faux modesty, to out and out stealing a boyfriend’s vintage And Justice For All tour shirt — men’s clothing often finds its way onto the backs of women. This has happened since the invention of clothing, as a concept. Grace Jones did it on that one album cover to look unequivocally fierce. Joan of Arc did it because Jesus told her to (he’s a freak like that); and the god of mischief, Amanda Bynes, did it in She’s The Man; to get a man.

This lookbook styles МИШКА’s Summer ’13 Collection for women. The clothing is more than just the typical streetwear fare — it’s not just for boys who skate. It appeals to everyone who seeks out unusual, challenging and exciting pieces.

This is the story of women taking clothes that may seem like it’s not for them — and they are making it their own. This lookbook appeals to the creativity women are constantly showing through their use of Tumblr and other forms of New Media. The collection is presented as a DIY fashion zine created by the women featured in the lookbook.
More picsafter the jump.

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