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K. Olin tribu X Mr. Peruca Prints

K. Olin tribu will present his first collaboration for a print with Brazilian illustrator Mr. Peruca.  Mr. Peruca is a Brazilian illustrator, designer and art director based in London.
He created a series of iconic and famous characters represented by their bald heads.

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Mishka Holiday 2013 Women’s Lookbook & Collection

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From Mishka:

Every hour is the witching hour, and the bell rings upside down and in reverse — three times every hour. Maybe that doesn’t make sense to you, and that’s fine. Because what we do at The МИШКА Preparatory School for Yung Conjurers is secret. We produce an elite crop of bad witches, and they are the baddest of the bad. We proudly present to you, two of our best students adorned in the fineries of the МИШКА Holiday 2013 Women’s Collection.

For all those who feel the pull of the left hand path, we welcome you to the brood, the coven — the sisterhood. Steep yourself in the strangeness. You will find that the dress code for the Holiday 2031 Season channels icons of expanded and high-minded thinking. We have an array of crop tops, crewnecks, beanies, button ups and leggings to outfit the yung occultist with only the finest raiments bedecked in paranormal steeziness.

Whether you are communing with the devil, an extraterrestrial space friend or yourself (cuz you copped that Purple Kush joint, and that shit’s LOUD) we have your back. Yes, at The МИШКА Preparatory School for Yung Conjurers we have your back. Please visit us at MISHKANYC.COM if you are interested in enrolling this Holiday 2013. We are now accepting applicants. Stay strange — Keep watch!

The Mishka 2013 Women’s Collection is available now.

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Kanye West Leaves Nike, Partners With Adidas

Kanye West has been making headlines not only in music, but in the fashion world as well. The past couple of months the “Yeezus” rapper has expressed his distaste with global apparel and footwear giant Nike and with that, there has been speculation of him partnering up with Adidas.

The speculation is now a fact as Kanye has  announced his deal with Nike’s competitor on Hot 97’s Angie Martinez. Here’s what he had to say:

“I asked them when the Yeezy “Red Octobers” are coming out. I asked them, me Kanye West, asked Nike when’s it coming out. They said, ‘we’re not sure yet.’ They let me design two shoes over five years. And I’m happy I could design them, but they didn’t do me no favor because Eminem designed a shoe, Pharrell designed a shoe. I just designed the Yeezys. I turned up, because I was in fourth grade designing Jordans and I brought back that feeling. You ain’t never felt that way about a shoe, since the Jordans, the way people feel about the Yeezys. I put that feeling. The same feeling that I put in College Dropout, Graduation, 808s, I put that feeling in there.”

So, will the “Red Octobers” actually come out? If so, will they still hold as much weight now that it’s designer has moved on to greener pastures? Only time will tell.

Damien Hirst x Alexander McQueen Scarf Collection


This Damien Hirst and Alexander McQueen scarf collab is a long time coming.  The Skull print scarf made it’s debut a 10 years ago and to celebrate the moment, this union seems quite fitting. The graphics on each scarf are amazing and are influenced by Damine Hirst’s Entomology series in which you can see butterflies, spiders and various insects put together in a way to form the late designer’s skull pattern.  There will be 30 custom designs that will launch today (November 15) at the brand’s official store as well as McQueen boutiques.

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Kate Moss the Playboy Bunny – A First Look


British supermodel Kate Moss has officially been announced as the cover girl for the 60th anniversary issue of iconic magazine Playboy. The issue is scheduled for a January 2014 release and we have the first image (above) which shows the Supermodel in the classic bunny outfit. Check back with us for more info.

Noah Starring Russell Crow

The Biblical Noah suffers visions of an apocalyptic deluge and takes measures to protect his family from the coming flood.

Kith NYC x Golden Bear Fall/Winter 2013 Varsity Jackets


Kith NYC and Golden Bear team up once again to produced a series of monochrome Varsity Jackets for the Fall/Winter 2013 season. Each jacket is comprised of 100% wool and genuine leather and includes details such as striped ribbing and satin poly-filled lining. Tonal symbols in premium chenille lettering on the chest with Kith’s “Just Us” slogan embroidered on the top, and tonal “KITHSET” emblazoned across the back of each jacket round out the rest of the details.

These jackets will come in Forest Green, Black, Navy, Red and Grey in which you can buy now at all Kith locations, as well as online.

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