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Mishka Spring 2016 Lookbook

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The Mishka Spring 2016 Lookbook is now live: Video & Photos. The Spring 2016 collection pays homage to Mishka’s roots as one of the original brands from the second wave of streetwear. The Spring 2016 Lookbook honors the classic collection’s energy with a no frills DIY (do it yourself) presentation. The Lookbook shows the new Mishka Spring 2016 in an unadorned and unpretentious fashion.

The Mishka Spring 2016 Lookbook began with a simple idea: Forget the lookbook, let’s party. In place of a traditional lookbook, we have an experiential product. A group of 5 kids broke into the Mishka office one night, invited their friends over, dressed in Mishka Spring 2016 and threw a party. The group of 5 not only took over our office, but they invaded our Instagram (@Mishkagram) and Snapchat (Mishkachat) as well. They told their story to our fans in real time with the #MishkaBreakIn tag on Instagram.

The Mishka Spring 2016 Lookbook subverts traditional standards of branded content. This project bucks big budgets and highfalutin concepts; it speaks to the very core of Mishka’s identity. This project asks, why just take a pretty picture when you can create an experience that helps your fans live your brand? The Mishka Spring 2016 Lookbook is a dance between the brand and its fans. Scroll down for embedded select photos, download links and full credits. (more…)