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Fashion 101: How Hood By Air Got It’s Name


Started by Shayne Oliver back in 2006, he told The New York Times, “The name Hood By Air is a play off being from the hood, but taking the train downtown to hang out with skater boys and artists.” He went on to tell Swagger New York, “It came from going to underground parties, and we used to freestyle on the mics.

And one night I was reciting something, and that came out and kinda stuck with me as an aesthetic and a way of living. It’s also like owning your influence on the world… make the world understand what you’re doing and why what you’re doing is so important.”

Hood by Air – Spring 2014 Block Tee

Hood By Air, known for their minimalism and subtlety, presents a new block tee from their collection.  This design is long sleeved and will come in a red, white, and black silhouette with big blocks aligned on the front as well as the sleeves. The “HBA” lettering is also displayed on each block. Buy now from Wish.

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HOOD BY AIR – Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

hood by air spring summer 2014 menswear sm HOOD BY AIR – Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

HOOD BY AIR, headed by Shayne Oliver, is a brand on the rise and the way they have been pushing the boundaries of fashion just can’t be denied or ignored. Pieces in this collection are monogrammed button-down tops and an interesting concept of extra long shirts and jackets. Another creative and unique concept that we see from Oliver’s brand is the fact that there are shorts that tear away into even smaller shorts as well as straps that just hang.

Fans of the apparel will find a wardrobe that hits heavy with pattern recognition at first (i.e. shirts designed in the mode of football jerseys and elongated tops with the Paramount film logo printed across) and then later ventures into more avant-garde ideas, such as outfits inspired by Chinese paratrooper uniforms embellished with tubular accents. Such an exciting and fun collection by HBA makes one wonder why a designer would ever care to limit himself by practicality– fashion is a means of letting creativity flow extensively and from the looks of it, Oliver is letting his run wild.

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HOOD BY AIR Fall/Winter 2013 Lookbook


Hood by Air presents its new Fall/Winter 2013 Collection. Big bold logo prints have been a mainstay for the majority of the brand’s aesthetic recently. The new collection features oversized tops, pants, and skirts with zipper details. Heavy layering, combining sweatshirts, t-shirts with shorts and leggings reminiscent of how a ninja or old school karate expert would dress seems to be HBA’s current theme as you will see in the gallery below.

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SHOWstudio: HOOD BY AIR Spring/Summer 2013 Film by Matthew Williams

SHOWstudio is proud to release HOOD BY AIR, a new film by Matthew Williams that shows off the latest looks from the label. Hood by Air founder and designer Shayne Oliver’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection confidently challenges the conventions of menswear by incorporating unique styling choices from Tom Guinness. These include crop tops, kilts and accentuated torsos, whilst maintaining a dropped waist and oversized component typically prevalent in American streetwear. These aesthetic choices have been expressively communicated by Williams through a raw, juxtaposed video composition. Visuals of blasting machine guns and transitioning expressions of anger and joy encourage the viewer to question the familiar intersections between war, sports, guns and clothing in popular culture. See Hood by Air’s collection in this