Sotheby’s Set To Auction $35 Million USD Basquiat Artwork

Sotheby’s will be auctioning Jean-Michel Basquiat artwork worth an estimated $35 million USD. once the art is sold, it will be one of Basquiat’s most expensive pieces.

The work, Versus Medici, was created in 1982 and was inspired by the famed artist’s time in Modena, Italy. The artwork features Basquiat’s signature style with a skeleton in an abstract stance as well as wording displayed. The piece is a direct reflection of the Renaissance-era Medici family.

Versus Medici, along with most of Basquiat’s paintings from 1982 is among the most valuable works in the market and was created when the artist was just 22 years of age.

In Versus Medici, Basquiat melds the political and art-historical as he consciously stages a reckoning with the Westernized ideal of visual culture and was intent on mastering and commandeering the accepted ‘rules’ of art history in order to break them.

Grégoire Billault, Sotheby’s New York Head of Contemporary Art

Sotheby’s auction of Jean-Michel Basquiat Versus Medici will take place on May 12.


Banksy’s ‘Pulp Fiction’ Print Gets Over $150,000 USD At Auction

An online auction by Tate Ward, specializing in contemporary art, featured the likes of artists like Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Anish Kapoor, Damien Hirst and countless others.

Titled “By Collectors for Collectors,” saw Banksy’s 2004 print Pulp Fiction fetching a whopping £125,000 GBP (approx. $166,331 USD). The print pays homage to the 1994 cult classic Quentin Tarantino film Pulp Fiction, starring John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson.

There Are 403 Bob Ross’ ‘The Joy Of Painting’ Episodes That You Can Watch For Free

The estate of Bob Ross has just brought back all 403 episodes of his majestic painting and even categorizes them. To top of all the nostalgic feels, viewers will be able to watch full seasons for free.

Bob Ross’ The Joy Of Painting first aired on PBS in 1983 and ended in 1994. Bob Ross taught step by step the process he goes through when painting. The soft-spoken artist displayed a calm demeanor and encouraged novices and professionals alike to paint in a positive way. The majority of Ross’ style involved landscapes full of open ranges, mountains, rivers and of course, trees.

Ross would eventually pass due to lymphoma in 1995, but Bob Ross Inc. continues to push the legendary artist’s legacy forward.

Takashi Murakami Designs Room at Children’s National Hospital

Takashi Murakami has shared his work on a room at the Children’s National Hospital in Washington, DC. The artwork is filled with Murakami’s signature style Flowers and other characters which is sure to increase the mood of the young kids as well as service members.

The room was orchestrated by Gagosian and RxArt and displays Murakami’s iconic style sprawled across the doors and walls, including a CT/PET scanner. U.S. News & World Report states that the Children’s National Hospital is considered to be one of the top 10 pediatric hospitals in the country and treated over 219,000 children from around the world.

Check out Murakami’s work on the Children’s National Hospital room in the gallery above.

A Hidden Drawing Has Been Discovered Beneath the ‘Mona Lisa’

Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting has intrigued many casual art observers and fans alike. The iconic painting continues to fascinate many people with its mysterious “Easter eggs” that are still being discovered today. A scientist by the name of Pascal Cotte recently discovered a sketch beneath da Vinci’s legendary artwork after studying the painting for over 15 years.

“The Louvre invited me because I am the inventor of a new very high-resolution, highly sensitive multispectral camera,”

Pascal Cotte via Artnet News.

After examining roughly 1,650 images of the portrait, Cotte’s findings were published in the Journal of Cultural Heritage in August 2020. The scientist developed a high-tech instrument called the Lumiere Technology camera which detects light reflected on 13 wavelengths. The technique intensifies the abilities of infrared photography, allowing researchers to analyze even the smallest details the painting hides.

Cotte’s device has found underlying charcoal lines in the lighter areas of the painting through a mix of near-infrared photography and infrared reflectography.

“The optical system allows us to see very fine details and the high sensitivity allows a very high amplification of low signal. The spolvero on the forehead and on the hand betrays a complete underdrawing.”

Cotte’s examining also shows charcoal underlines revealing a hairpin that was drawn above the woman’s head. This hairstyle was uncommon in Florence, Italy at the time where da Vinci painted the renowned work which suggests that da Vinci’s original muse could’ve been a portrayal of an “unreal woman, like a goddess,” explained Cotte.

“People had to be dressed in certain ways to denote their profession and for nobility respecting the colors. It is not possible for Mona Lisa to have hair like this, it was impossible of the time in the city of Florence.”

via: artnet

KAWS’ 20-Foot-Tall ‘WHAT PARTY’ Sculpture Protects New York’s Seagram Building

KAWS marches forward with his WHAT PARTY project as he follows the Hong Kong WHAT PARTY installation with his iconic Kaws sculpture. This sculpture is located in the artist’s home city of New York and is displayed in front of the Seagram Building.

The bronze sculpture stands 20-foot-tall and is a rendition of Kaw’s CHUM character. The character’s placement compliments the architecture of the building well which is designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

The WHAT PARTY sculpture can be viewed now if you’re in the NY area at Seagram’s Park Avenue plaza.

Seagram Building
375 Park Ave
New York, NY 10152

Picasso Portrait To Sell For $20 million At Upcoming Christie’s Auction

Made in 1941 during World War II, this Pablo Picasso painting is expected to sell for $20-$30 million USD.

Christie’s New York is preparing to launch its first major sale this fall, showcasing 20th/21st century art including this Picasso piece. Titled Femme dans un fauteuil, this is a work that portrays French photographer Dora Maar, whom Picasso met in 1936. Another Picasso painting inspired by Maar titled Dora Maar au chat (1941) sold for $95.2 million USD at Sotheby’s back in May 2006.

Christie’s New York‘s 20th/21st century art evening sale launches on October 6.

VOMA Will Be The World’s First Interactive Virtual Museum

The Virtual Online Museum of Art (VOMA) will now become the world’s first virtual museum thats fully interactive. The museum will be curated by Museum Director Lee Cavaliere and built by artist Stuart Semple. VOMA will showcase works from institutions such as Musée d’Orsay, Whitney Museum of American Art, the Museum of Modern Art, New York and the Art Institute of Chicago. Also of note, the exhibitions will be free for anyone that wants to see it.

A virtual viewing room can feel like a lonely place – quiet, empty, sometimes slightly uneasy. In building and curating VOMA, we wanted to get away from that feeling, which is not all that different from walking into a snooty, silent gallery space and feeling a bit self-conscious. We wanted to integrate the sense of community and buzz of going to a cool museum, where there are often so many different shows going on, and immersive or interactive experiences.

Stuart Semple

When entering the VOMA, the experience allows you to go anywhere on the premisses, including the museum’s grounds. VOMO introduces ground-breaking technologies that makes the digital-hybrid world change according to the time of day or the season with such detail, down to the environmental changes of light, wind and rain. With the current pandemic of COVID-19, museums and galleries have been forced to reconsider how certain works are shown in regards to social distancing. The introduction of VOMA is a step towards new and innovated ways to keep the scope of the museum and art world alive.

Be sure to go to VOMA’s website beginning August 14 for the opening of the museum.

Star Wars Gets The Gabriel Dishaw Treatment In His Latest Work

Gabriel Dishaw gives us a look at what he’s been crafting, adding a touch of luxury to some of the biggest items and merchandise in pop culture.

The Indianapolis-based upcycle artist repurposes Star Wars helmets and other pieces by adding Louis Vuitton Monogram canvas to them. Such items involved in the creative process include helmets of Captain Phasma, the Mandalorian, the Armorer and the one and only Darth Vader. Other items included in this series is R2-D2 and the AT-AT which both feature canvas made from vintage Louis Vuitton luggage as well as reused wires and metal hardware.

Head over to Dishaw’s website for purchasing info.

Banksy’s Latest Artwork Vandalized By Cleaners

Banksy’s latest artwork, If You Don’t Mask, You Don’t Get, has recently been accidentally scrubbed by the cleaners. Ironically, the British artist had disguised himself as a London Underground cleaner to put up the art piece.

This particular piece is a public service announcement that encourages citizens to wear a mask to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Banksy posted the artwork via his Instagram prompting an intense search from fans to find it. There is now confirmation by the Evening Standard that the real London Underground cleaners have removed the priceless artwork.

When we saw the video, we started to look into it and spoke to the cleaners. It started to emerge that they had noticed some sort of ‘rat thing’ a few days ago and cleaned it off, as they should.

Spokesperson for London Underground

The deletion of the artwork has, of course, sparked outrage with many defending the elusive artist.