Levi’s Introduces “Golden Ticket” Jeans For 501 Day

In honor of 501 day, Levi’s has just revealed its “Golden Ticket” jeans. If you’ve ever owned a pair of the classic jeans prior to 1971, you may have owned a collectors item. In 1971, Levi’s made the change from spelling its name with a big “E” to a small “e” on the classic Levi’s Red Tab.

Levi’s has manufactured exactly 501 pairs of the 1971 version of 501 jeans. Only five pairs will have the big “E” on the tab while the remaining 496 pairs of jeans will feature the small “e.” Interesting enough, the Red Tabs will be wrapped in golden foil and the only way to know if you have the “golden ticket” is to buy them and take a chance.

Hit up Levi’s online shop to purchase the “Golden Ticket” 1971 501 Jeans on June 4.