‘Rick and Morty’ Season 6 Confirmed

Confirmed by co-creator Dan Harmon, the sixth installment in the popular Rick and Morty franchise is in the works.

Harmon ever so slightly mentioned season 6 via an Instagram post for the tv show Community’s virtual table read.

One more magical thing about today: the script we’re reading, Cooperative Polygraphy, is by Community and Rick and Morty alum Alex Rubens, who is BACK at RaM writing on Season 6.

Dan Harmon

The second half of season 4 of the Adult Swim series is currently airing and season 5 is still in development.

Second Half Of Rick and Morty’s 4th Season Returns May 3 On Adult Swim

Rick and Morty‘s second half of episodes for the fourth season returns this year. In the teaser below, the dynamic duo can be seen causing mayhem across the galaxy.

Rick and Morty’s dark humor mixed with action/adventure is what sets this show apart from the rest of the animated shows. One could easily binge watch a whole season at once and not realize. Be sure to catch up on all current episodes before May 3.