Physical Render Of Apple’s iPhone 12 Design

Popular YouTube channel EverythingApplePro made a video showing a 3D-printed rendering of the iPhone 12. The video spotlights the physical specs and performance capabilities of the upcoming smartphone based off of leaked schematics.

The iPhone 12 will reportedly take on a design similar to the shape of the latest iPad Pro, displaying a more sleek aesthetic equipped with flat metal frame and flat display. There will also be a large 6.7 inch display and LiDAR scanner that was seen on the iPad Pro.

These schematics are rumored to be only 70% complete according to EverythingApplePro. Check out the video above of the Apple iPhone 12 design.

2020 Apple iPhone To Get A Redesign

Apple will now be adding 5G to its iPhone lineup. According to Bloomberg, there will be four additional models to receive the upgrade plus a new design.

This year’s successors to the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max will be joined by two lower-end models to replace the iPhone 11. At least the two high-end devices will have flat stainless steel edges instead of the current curved design as well as more sharply rounded corners like the iPad Pro introduced in 2018. Reminiscent of the ‌iPhone‌ 5 design, the new handsets will have flat screens rather than the sloping edges on current models, said the people asking not to be identified because the plans aren’t public.


Apple’s upcoming smartphone will look similar to the iPad Pro and will feature flat steel edges and a flat screen reminiscent of the iPhone 5. The bezels however, will be smaller and the camera will be similar to the current iPad’s camera.

The upcoming iPhone 12 will also feature the iPad Pro’s new 3D LIDAR system for an improved AR experience. Also of note is the Pro models will have three rear cameras while the others will remain at two.

Check back for more info.