Nordstrom to Launch Secondhand Clothing Shop

Nordstrom is trying it’s hand at reselling by opening a secondhand luxury store in it’s New York flagship store. This venture will follow in the footsteps of other traditional retailers to experiment with the fast-growing resale market.

Referred to as “See You Tomorrow,” this experience plans to open this Friday, January 31. Secondhand items available for purchase will come from brands such as Off-White, adidas, Burberry, Thom Brown, and more. Have products of your own? Nordstrom will be accepting pre-owned products from customers in exchange for store gift cards. 

With this experience you will see brands in a designated space, both in store and online and will open the door for collaborations with partners like Nike, Burberry and Celine.

Nordstrom plans to do a six month trial for this venture which could be extended if all goes well.