‘The Batman’ Director Matt Reeves Reveals The Batmobile Photos

The upcoming ‘Batman’ film seems to be more grounded this go-round as opposed to big cgi focused films of the past. The leaked pictures we have been seeing floating around the ‘net give off a ‘Batman Begins’ vibe, more Christopher Nolan than Tim Burton. It seems as though director Matt Reeves wants to keep the film as minimalistic as possible while staying true to the aesthetic of the Batman comics and it’s easy to tell by the newest image of the Batmobile.

Reeves shared a few pics of how he’s going to portray the legendary car via his twitter account. The car gives off a rugged muscle car type of vibe which is far different from the last time we saw the Batmobile in ‘Justice League’ or even further back in Nolan’s films where the cars were more tank-like. You can also see another shot of the Batsuit as well.

The newest installment opens in theaters on June 25, 2021.

‘The Batman’ Director Matt Reeves Reveals The New Batsuit

There’s always speculation and rumblings about what the cinematic Batman’s suit will look like and whether or not it will fit well with the actors chin.

Director Matt Reeves has revealed a screen test of the new Batman Robert Pattinson equipped in his suit for the upcoming ‘The Batman’ film.

The suit looks to have armored plating similar to the Arkham video games from Rocksteady studios. Overall, it seems to fit the actor well, but we’ll save judgment until June 25, 2021 when the films is released.