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Mishka’s Animated Summer 2014 Lookbook

Mishka has just published its Summer ’14 Lookbook, which features select pieces from Mishka’s newest collection. It is a bold and vibrant representation of this season’s ecstatic aesthetic. The lookbook is inspired by the sunnier side of the deep web and a brighter version of Net Art.

The Mishka Summer ’14 Lookbook tells an electric and eclectic story. This season finds Mishka’s aesthetic sensibilities coming full circle; we are treated to a range of classic and new graphics that bolster and extend Mishka’s visual vocabulary. Mishka’s iconic and uncompromising vision is realized in patterns that recall the unbridled chaos and excitement of a sweltering New York City summer. The clothing is complemented by a lookbook that accentuates the cut-n-paste pastiche culture in which we currently live.

Mishka’s Summer ’14 Collection is available online now and in-store at Mishka 350 Broadway (Brooklyn, NY), Mishka LA (128 S La Brea LA, CA) and Mishka SF (3422 25th St. SF, CA). 

Take a look at the entire collection here.

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Mishka Pre-Summer 2014 “R1TU4L5” Video Lookbook


Mishka—Born in Brooklyn, Raised in Hell—has just released its R1TU4L5 Pre-Summer 2014 Collection. The collection recalls and reinterprets many of the darker more esoteric themes that have been present in Mishka’s graphic vocabulary. Mishka means strangeness, and the brand has reimagined its strangeness for the beginning of its second decade.

The collection draws inspiration from Mishka’s obsession with the Internet and the occult. Mishka’s roots have always been planted in obscure, strange and modern-day arcane cultural touchstones. Mishka is exploring what it means to reinterpret those touchstones with its newest collection. This is not a departure for Mishka. It is a redefining of already existing and present themes within Mishka’s world.

The collection comprises snapbacks, jerseys, and long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts. The R1TU4L5 Collection is available now.

Checkout the collection here. 

MISHKA X Katz’s Deli Capsule Collection


Fresh off their collaboration with The Hundreds, Katz’s Deli comes together with Mishka on a limited capsule collection. The collection will include tees, crewnecks, hoodies, and caps, that will celebrate Katz’s Deli’s 125th anniversary. Artwork is done by none other than L’Amour Supreme, Katy Ziegel, Lee Trice, Micah NYC, Solomon Alexander, and The Sucklord. Head on over to the pop-up shop on January 7th at 7pm EST where the music will be provided by DJs Nick Hook and Aharaw of Good Kids. Afterwards, pieces of the collection can be purchased at

 The Space
203 E. Houston
New York, NY 10002

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Mishka Holiday 2013 Women’s Lookbook & Collection

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From Mishka:

Every hour is the witching hour, and the bell rings upside down and in reverse — three times every hour. Maybe that doesn’t make sense to you, and that’s fine. Because what we do at The МИШКА Preparatory School for Yung Conjurers is secret. We produce an elite crop of bad witches, and they are the baddest of the bad. We proudly present to you, two of our best students adorned in the fineries of the МИШКА Holiday 2013 Women’s Collection.

For all those who feel the pull of the left hand path, we welcome you to the brood, the coven — the sisterhood. Steep yourself in the strangeness. You will find that the dress code for the Holiday 2031 Season channels icons of expanded and high-minded thinking. We have an array of crop tops, crewnecks, beanies, button ups and leggings to outfit the yung occultist with only the finest raiments bedecked in paranormal steeziness.

Whether you are communing with the devil, an extraterrestrial space friend or yourself (cuz you copped that Purple Kush joint, and that shit’s LOUD) we have your back. Yes, at The МИШКА Preparatory School for Yung Conjurers we have your back. Please visit us at MISHKANYC.COM if you are interested in enrolling this Holiday 2013. We are now accepting applicants. Stay strange — Keep watch!

The Mishka 2013 Women’s Collection is available now.

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Мishka x New Era: Create Yr. Own Keep Watch & Cap Carrier

A fully customizable New Era hat with a pack of five markers, to transform the Keep Watch in any way you see fit. Add subtle bursts of colors, or make it look like you copped a non existent МИШКА x Willy Wonka x LSD collabo. If you’ve always had an idea for a Keep Watch hat that MISHKA has never done, or you wanted color co-ordinated hats for your Little League team, this is your lucky day.

In addition to this new hat, New Era and МИШКА have made special cap carriers custom designed by L’Amour Supreme.  And for the art aficionados, there is a special surprise… A New Era: Create Yr. Own KW hat designed by L’Amour Supreme himself. Each hat will be a 1 of 1 creation. Made by L’Amour for you, and you only.

So embark on the strange strange voyage of colorful creation. Let your mind wander and the fitted will follow. Stay strange, color at yr. own risk and as always… KEEP WATCH!
Click here to watch L’Amour Supreme demonstrate the full potential of the New Era: Create Yr. Own KW

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Mishka x Long Clothing Fall ’13 Capsule

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Long Clothing makes clothes for weirdos and cool kids alike, out in England. They make unisex, oversized tees that look like the shit you’d wear to a mixer between The Illuminati and the Secret Order Of Street Ninjas — in the good way. Very sleek, very dark. Over here in the good ole U.S of A, МИШКА have been cranking out clothes for hypebeasts, nerds, and assorted “alt” cats — for a hot minute. As like minded brands, it only makes sense that they eventually collaborate on a capsule collection.

The collection is available online now.

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МИШКА (Mishka) Women’s Summer 2013 Lookbook

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From donning a button up post coitus in a bit of faux modesty, to out and out stealing a boyfriend’s vintage And Justice For All tour shirt — men’s clothing often finds its way onto the backs of women. This has happened since the invention of clothing, as a concept. Grace Jones did it on that one album cover to look unequivocally fierce. Joan of Arc did it because Jesus told her to (he’s a freak like that); and the god of mischief, Amanda Bynes, did it in She’s The Man; to get a man.

This lookbook styles МИШКА’s Summer ’13 Collection for women. The clothing is more than just the typical streetwear fare — it’s not just for boys who skate. It appeals to everyone who seeks out unusual, challenging and exciting pieces.

This is the story of women taking clothes that may seem like it’s not for them — and they are making it their own. This lookbook appeals to the creativity women are constantly showing through their use of Tumblr and other forms of New Media. The collection is presented as a DIY fashion zine created by the women featured in the lookbook.
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