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Fashion 101: How Supreme Got It’s Name


Supreme doesn’t actually own the trademark to a name that has become ubiquitous with brand allegiance. In speaking with Interview Magazine back in 2009 founder James Jebbia said, “Supreme wasn’t meant to be a brand. I just was like, ‘Hey, that’s a cool name for a store.’ But it’s become a problem since it’s become a brand because we don’t own the name. It’s a good name, but it’s a difficult one to trademark.”

He went on to say, “With Supreme, there were no grand plans—with the name, with the store, with anything. It all just evolved. These days, it’s a lot more difficult to do that. You’ve got to come out with all guns blazing right away or you don’t stand a chance. Whereas when we first started, there weren’t blogs ready to shoot us down the day we opened. We were given time to make mistakes and grow.”

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Supreme – Spring 2014 Competition Shirt

After showing you the Supreme “Coins” cap earlier, we have yet another outstanding piece from the brand with the “Competition” shirt for Spring 2014.  The  “Competition” shirt is equipped with a classic button-down silhouette that features a two-tone construction in contrasting hues. A ‘hard-to-miss’  large imprint of Supreme is plastered across the right torso.

Detailed with a single chest pocket and a button down collar, the long-sleeve piece is offered in colors of yellow/white, red/grey, royal/beige and black/white. Buy now at Supreme’s online shop.

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Supreme – Spring 2014 Coins Camp Cap

Supreme has just added several new items to their online shop and one of the drops that caught our eye is the new Coins Camp cap. Bronze and copper coins are displayed on the popular 5 panel cap which is comprised of 100% cotton. A Supreme cap is nothing without the box logo as you can see in the pic above. Buy the Coins cap in colors of red, camel, navy, black and teal. Pick one up now from Supreme flagship locations or online.

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Supreme “Crosses” T-Shirt & Belt Shorts


New York brand Supreme has just released what we call some standout pieces from their current Spring/Summer 2013 collection. These “Crosses” T-shirts and belt shorts feature a loud all-over print design and comes in black, red and blue. Buy them from the Supreme online store here.

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Supreme Sues Married To The Mob Over “Supreme Bitch” T-Shirt

Supreme Sues Married To The Mob Over “Supreme Bitch” T Shirt

In an industry where it’s hard to tell where what style or design came from where first, it seems as though clothing giant Supreme wants to stake it’s claim on what they see as theirs. Supreme plans to sue Leah McSweeney’s Married To The Mob for $10 million dollars over the brand’s “Supreme Bitch” design. The design was first seen in the MTTM 2004 collection which led to Supreme’s James Jebbia to seek damages as the design “infringes his trademark rights.”

McSweeney states:

As some of you may have heard, Supreme is suing me for $10 million over my “Supreme Bitch” design. I’ve been using this design since the first MOB collection in summer 2004. I even sold it as a tee at Union, a store owned and managed by Supreme’s founder James Jebbia, who gave the design his blessing. Now, he’s claiming that the design infringes his trademark rights.

Unlike some companies that blatantly rip-off other brand logos, Married To The Mob has always had its own identity and aesthetic by being an extension of my life experiences. I started this company when I was 22 and have come a long way without a piggyback ride from anyone.

Supreme Bitch is one design of many; one slogan of many. And the use of the design has always been to make fun of the misogynistic vibe of Supreme and the boys who wear it.

Bottom line is this: I don’t think Supreme should be able to squash free speech or my right to utilize parody in my design aesthetic. It’s one of the most powerful ways for me to comment on the boy’s club mentality that’s pervasive in the streetwear/skater world. The fact that Supreme is coming after MOB and me personally is just another example of the hostility that MOB — the first women’s street wear brand — has faced from Day 1. And it’s why the Supreme Bitch message is so important.

Civil liberties attorney Norman Siegel agreed to take my case and act as co-counsel along with Edward Rosenthal of Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz PC, a law firm that specializes in trademark issues. This isn’t a fight I went out looking for, but I have no choice other than to fight back. Because right now, it’s about more than just a t-shirt

Misfits x Supreme Capsule Collection


This little capsule collection is the product of a Misfits x Supreme collaboration for Summer 2013. Supreme focuses on sticking with the original iconic artwork of the band, with pieces such as T-shirts, crewneck sweaters, a lighter, a cap, trench coat, etc.

Look for the capsule collection in Supreme stores in New York, LA and London, and of course online.

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