Own A Tesla Cybertruck Courtesy Of Hot Wheels

Mattel has just given you an easier way to score a Tesla Cybertruck… the toy version. The Hot Wheels replica of Elon Musk‘s much anticipated Tesla Cybertruck clones the overall look of the real vehicle. You will also have the option of a 1:64 scale iteration and a much larger 1:10 scale version with both being available for pre-order, just like the real thing.

The 1:64 version, is about the size of a traditional hot wheels car (about three inches) and will retail for $20. Two speeds accompany this version ‘Chill’ and ‘Sport’ and will be radio controlled as well as rechargeable.

The 1:10 R/C Cybertruck also arrives with ‘Chill’ and ‘Sport’ modes with the same features as it’s miniature counterpart, but with functioning headlights and taillights. This version has a telescopic tailgate that folds out into a loading ramp for the bed and a removable plastic body that reveals the interior of the vehicle. Price point for this replica Cybertruck will be at $400 and will even come with a reusable cracked window vinyl sticker, first witnessed at the famous Tesla Cybertruck reveal a few months ago when Musk accidentally broke the window.

Pre-orders for the Hot wheels replica Tesla Cybertruck can be found here. Shipping date is scheduled for December 2020.


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