Fossils Of Iconic Cartoon Characters By Filip Hodas

Filip Hodas has created a series of skulls that are inspired by some iconic cartoon characters that hold a special place in any kid’s heart. The Prague-based 3D illustrator has merged his interest in skulls with his work in CG and has crafted each skull using 3D programming. Each realistically designed skull is contrasted by a bright and colorful background.

The series features a fossilized Goofy (Canis Goofus), Tweety Bird (Canaria Tweetea), Minnie Mouse (Mus Minnius) and other characters including like SpongeBob, Scrooge McDuck and Popeye.

The main goal of this series was to get better at sculpting and to experiment with Zbrush to Substance Painter workflow, For each skull, I tried to adjust and improve the workflow which resulted in quite visible differences between the first (Canis Goofus) and last in the series (Anas Scroogius). All of the textures were procedurally made in 3D programming.

Filip Hodas

via: Hypebeast


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