‘Playboy’ Magazine To End It’s 66 Year Run

Playboy has just announced that it will be ending its magazine publication for the rest of 2020. Most sources have concluded that this temporary shut down will ultimately be a permanent one due to not only the COVID-19 crisis but the print climate as a whole.

What once was a go-to magazine for exclusive material as far as editorials and exposés go, has now become obsolete as much of what the gentlemen’s magazine has been known for can be found free on the internet.

Founded in 1953 by Hugh Hefner, Playboy Magazine trail-blazed the print and press industry while using its influence to branch off into other avenues like clubs and television. The 70’s were the publication’s more defining years as they began selling 5.6 million copies a month and the iconic bunny logo became one of the most popular calling cards of the brand as it was used to license products such clothing, bags, novelty items and more.

Even though it’s print publication has seemingly met its end, Playboy as a brand will continue to thrive with it’s huge online presence and different avenues of licensing.


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