Even though Mac Miller is no longer with us, his estate has dropped two visuals for his songs ‘Right’ and ‘Floating’ to keep us content.

“Right” features Thundercat as well as collaborators Vic Wainstein and Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman. The song shows Mac’s softer side as he reminisces about a lost love. The ‘Circles’ album really shows the growth of the PA emcee as well as his experimentation with singing.

Floating” enlists photographer Christian Weber as he paints the picture of a white bird soaring through a skyline filled with clouds. Thundercat’s presence is felt on this track as well, offering production and back up vocals. Jon Brion deserves a lot of credit for not only being a collaborator, but for also finishing the album after Mac’s passed.


Mac Miller’s Visuals For ‘Right’ And ‘Floating’ From CIRCLES (Deluxe Edition)

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