SpaceX Is The First Private Company To Send Humans To Space

SpaceX has successfully launched humans into orbit, becoming the first private firm to do so. With the Kennedy Space Center in Florida serving as the launch destination, the Falcon 9-powered Crew Dragon SpaceX capsule had NASA astronauts Robert (Bob) Behnken and Douglas Hurley all set for send-off.

This launch signifies the first time in nearly a decade that astronauts from America have traveled to space. What made the event even more impactful was when both Bob Behnken and Douglas Hurley revealed that they would rename the piloted space capsule to the “Endeavour” capsule. The original Space Shuttle Endeavour had its final mission in May of 2011 and was also the shuttle in which both Bob Behnken and Douglas Hurley took their first flights to space in.

The “Endeavour” capsule is expected to dock with the Internation Space Station on May 31, 10:29 a.m. EDT.


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