Patagonia Joins The “Stop Hate for Profit” Campaign, Pulls All Facebook/Instagram Advertising

Patagonia has begun the process of pulling all of its advertising from Facebook and affiliate company Instagram. This move follows in line with The North Face as they have done the same thing and has joined the “Stop Hate for Profit” campaign. The “Stop Hate For Profit” campaign is designed to call for the boycott of Facebook and its affiliates because of their positions on hate speech and misinformation.

Patagonia Head of Marketing Cory Bayers released the statement below via his Twitter account explaining that the boycott would last until the end of July at the least.

“For too long, Facebook has failed to take sufficient steps to stop the spread of hateful lies and dangerous propaganda on its platform. From secure elections to a global pandemic to racial justice, the stakes are too high to sit back and let the company continue to be complicit in spreading disinformation and fomenting fear and hatred.”

For more information about the campaign, head over to the “Stop Hate for Profit” site.

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