UCLA’s $280 Million Deal With Under Armour In Jeopardy

In 2016, the largest deal in NCAA history was made when Under Armour inked a contract with UCLA worth $280 million for 15 years. It would seem that there may be road blocks in the partnership as Under Armour is now looking to end the relationship after 3 years. Under Armour states that is has not received the benefits from their marketing for an extended time period in which they have paid for.

Under Armour has recently made the difficult decision to discontinue our partnership with UCLA, as we have been paying for marketing benefits that we have not received for an extended time period. The agreement allows us to terminate in such an event and we are exercising that right. We know that this has been a challenging time for athletes, sports programs and performance apparel brands alike. Under Armour will continue to preserve our strength in this challenging environment, while maintaining a strong network of partnerships with individuals, organizations and leagues that make us the on-field authority for focused performers.

Under Armour’s Official Statement

The Los Angeles Times reports that a sum of $15 million USD was paid upfront to UCLA AND $11 million USD per year after. $7.4 million USD was given to the program in sports equipment, apparel and shoes per school year as well as a $2 million USD grant over eight years for upgrades on athletic/ performance facilities. Subsequently, UCLA will fight the termination from Under Armour.


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