Kim Jones Replaces The Late Karl Lagerfeld At Fendi

Kim Jones will soon earn the name of “the hardest working man in fashion” after the recent news of being the late Karl Lagerfeld’s replacement at Fendi. Jones will also remain posted at Dior Men serving dual roles at two of the most iconic fashion houses in the world.

The two fashion brands are both housed in the LVMH stable and Kim Jones will still serve as men’s creative director at Dior as well as artistic director over womenswear, haute couture, and fur at Fendi.

Although well-deserved, Jones’s appointment at Fendi comes with criticism as no nonwhite individual was considered in an already majority white industry. When asked by New York Times fashion director and critic Vanessa Friedman about the consideration of a nonwhite candidate, Berluti CEO and LVMH communications head Antoine Arnault stated that none was considered and the decision was made far in advance.

Despite the road bumps, Kim Jones brings to Fendi a long list of high-end clientele including celebrities and supermodels. Look for his debut at the fall 2021 show in Milan next February.


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