Apple Ordered to Pay $502M USD to VirnetX for Patent Violations

According to reports, Apple has been ordered to pay $502.8 million USD to VirnetX, a Nevada-based internet security software company. The ongoing legal battle between the two companies has been going on for roughly 10 years in which VirnetX has been filing continuous suits against Apple for patent infringements, including FaceTime and iMessage.

Details of the lawsuit states that the Apple feature VPN on Demand violates VirtnetX’s patents that they originally developed for the CIA. VirtnetX originally asked for $700 million USD but was quickly countered by Apple’s claim that they only owed $113 million USD but the jury had the final say, ruling $502.8 million USD in royalties as the amount. Subsequently, Apple was also ordered to pay $450 million USD to VirnetX, stemming from a separate lawsuit.


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