Google Introduces Price Tracking and Comparisons Tool for Shopping Online

Google is implementing a new tool to make your online shopping experience easier to find the best deals. The new feature the tech company is introducing is called Price Insights. This feature lets shoppers of the product see if the price is higher or lower than average.

Price Insights positions Google to strategically battle competitors that have similar ways of showing consumers the average price of items. Users will be able to select a product and, in turn, sign up to be notified whenever there is a price drop. The tool also digs throughout the internet instantaneously to see if there are better prices.

Google’s plan is to gradually roll out its Price Insights tool to selected regions first and then make it available around the world.

Google Provides $1,000 USD Allowance to Employees Working From Home

Google will be providing its employees who are required to work from home, due to the coronavirus pandemic, $1,000 allowance. Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai made the announcement in a blog post. There is a strong possibility that employees will be working from home for the rest of the year.

Our campuses are designed to enable collaboration and community—in fact, some of our greatest innovations were the result of chance encounters in the office—and it’s clear this is something many of us don’t want to lose

Sundar Pichai

Google’s plan is to start letting smaller groups of employees return to campus, functioning at 10% capacity and 30% by September.