New Travis Scott ‘Fortnite’ Skin Revealed

Last month, well-known Fortnite connoisseur Lucas7Yoshi shared some interesting information regarding Travis Scott. The subject in question is a rumored skin which has now hit the internet courtesy of HypeX.

The rumored image shows a shirtless Travis Scott skin wearing a pair of his Air Jordan 1 ‘Cactus Jack’ sneakers, platinum jewelry and brown pants. There is a stipulation as these may not be the real deal and HypeX says that they’re still asking where the source got the image.

There are also rumors that the leaked skin could all be part of an in-game concert of some sort as Scott, who is a big fan of Fornite, has been known to livestream with Ninja, Drake and JuJu Smith-Schuster in 2018. Check back for more info.


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