The Design Of The Nike LeBron 18 Combines Speed And Power

LeBron’s 18th signature shoe is next on the horizon following in a legendary line of long-time Nike athletes like Michael Jordan And Kobe Bryant. Earlier, in the NBA “bubble,” it was speculated that King James was seen in the Nike LeBron 18. We now have an official look at the design of Lebron’s upcoming sneaker.

LeBron’s signature shoes follow a distinct aesthetic that the 18 will encompasses as well such as the Battleknit from the LeBron 15, the TPU and yarn from the LeBron 17 and the TPU on the heel from the LeBron 16.

LeBron has always loved experimenting with Max Air cushioning. He loves the way it feels. With the 18, we played with different expressions of air in novel ways, with the goal to impart this new look

Jason Petrie, Nike Basketball Designer

Setting this silhouette aside from past silhouettes is the extra focus on the forefoot and a redesigned outsole that puts emphasis on comfort and fluidity while moving.

The Nike LeBron 18 hits retailers this September. Check back for more info.


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