Nike And Colin Kaepernick To Release Monochromatic “True to 7” Jersey

Its hard to believe that it has been four years since NFL Star and social justice activist Colin Kaepernick took a knee to protest police brutality against black and brown people. The courage that he displayed on September 11 resulted in the league and owners blackballing him from playing the game that he loves.

This all-black “True to 7” jersey is a follow-up to the 2019 black and white colorway and celebrates the four year anniversary of the former San Francisco QB taking a knee on the sidelines, protesting police brutality and systemic racism.

This “Icon Edition” jersey features Kaepernick’s #7 on the chest and his logo branding on the collar. The jocktag offers a three-part design with the Nike Swoosh, Kaepernick’s signature afro logo and another K logo.

Although it’s clear that Kaepernick is continuing to be ostracized, many companies have begun to open their eyes to his true mission. With Madden 21 finally adding the quarterback in the game and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell admitting to handling the situation all wrong, it’s clear to see why Nike’s ongoing support of Kaepernick has been so crucial.

The Nike Kaepernick “True to 7” jersey will hit the Nike SNKRS app on September 17, retailing for $150 USD.


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