Sony’s PS5 Has Sold More Units In 12 Hours Than The PS4 Sold In The First 12 Weeks

When Sony opened up pre-orders for its highly-anticipated PlayStation 5, they perhaps underestimated the demand for the next-gen console. One major problem during the pre-order window was server issues which caused many potential consumers to be unsuccessful in securing the console. Despite the problems, the tech company has now revealed that the PS5 managed to pre-sell more units during the first 12 hours of pre-orders than the PS4 did during its first 12 weeks of launch.

The demand as expressed by the level of pre-order has been very, very considerable. It may well be that not everybody who wants to buy a PS5 on launch day will be able to find one [although the company is] working as hard as we ever can [to make sure there’ll be enough supply for the holiday season at the end of the year.]

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan via Reuters

Sony’s PlayStation 5 launches on November 12, starting at $399 USD for the digital version and $499 USD for the disk version

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