Bootleggers Beware: Nike Is Granted A Federal Trademark For The Air Jordan 1

The USPTO has granted Nike, Inc. official registration certificates for the brand’s iconic, and perhaps most copied silhouette, the Air Jordan 1. Trademarks are in for the Air Jordan 1 in the High, Low and Low SE models which will put an end to unauthorized productions of the shoe.

Bootleggers will now have to pick a different shoe other than anything created by Nike, Inc as the legendary shoe brand has been on top of any shenanigans aimed at tarnishing its reputation.

As reported by Sneaker Law Firm, the Air Jordan 1’s certification means that the silhouette will now be considered a unique intellectual property by the US government. To add, counterfeit companies can no longer just change up the logo or make little alterations here and there as they previously have done.


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