Nike Launches First-Ever Hands-Free Sneaker

Taking your shoes off and putting them on has gotten a whole lot easier thanks to Nike’s new sneaker, the Nike GO FlyEase.

The design of the silhouette is the first ever for the SWOOSH brand as they initially designed the sneaker for people with disabilities, however, the functionality makes it easier and quicker for anyone wearing the pair.

“We talked to women who were in their third trimester of pregnancy and bending over is not so easy. But this innovation makes it easier for her to kick on and kick off her shoes. That applies to anyone who has ever been on the go, with their hands full and trying to somehow get their feet into their shoes without dropping what they’re carrying.

Sarah Reinertsen, Nike FlyEase designer and Paralympic triathlete

The Nike GO FlyEase is slated to release on February 15, 2021 for $120 at select Nike retailers.


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